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Bowlore is a medieval archery & weapons display group, based in Somerset, England.
We are a small team of family and friends with over twenty years experience in historical re-enactment, and we're focused on providing quality entertainment and education. We show a panorama of the whole medieval period, and display the progression of weaponry and skills from that time.

We always aim to please and have experience working for a wide range of venues, including castles, stately homes, festivals, conventions, community events, weddings, Bonfire Night and Christmas celebrations, so we are happy to tailor our shows and displays to meet your individual requirements.

With a variety of activities on offer including; longbow, crossbow, weapons shows; sharp-sword cutting demonstrations; combat displays; sword school; historical talks; battlefield medicine; hands-on weapon & armour displays; medieval tented encampment; have-a-go archery with lifesize 3D animal targets; fire-arrows, and our unique flaming-sword duel, you're sure to find a combination that suits you! 
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"They just keep getting better and better!" ~ Sutton Festival Committee.

"We are looking forward to welcoming back the brilliant Bowlore."Carew castle.

"You gave the whole event absolutely everything and more, much more than we could have wished for." ~ Battle of Lewes Experience.

"The Bowlore medieval group were spectacular!'" ~ Yeovil Charity Fireworks Extravaganza.

"Thank you so much... for providing such a high level of quality entertainment. You really did work tirelessly."  ~ Ferne Animal Sanctuary.

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Our name
         'Bowlore' refers to the theme of our group: to promote the legends as well as the history surrounding the longbow...
The legend of Robin Hood, Maid Marion and the Merry Men is not the only tale of medieval outlaw archers ~ the story of England's favourite hero bears a striking resemblance to the lesser known adventures of William of Cloudesley, his wife Alyce, Adam Bell, Clym of Clough, and Fulk FitzWarin and his wife Maud. We as a group, choose to reflect this bright thread woven through our folklore, and in honour of the brave ladies who shared the fate of their outlawed husbands and lovers, the women of Bowlore all fight and shoot alongside the men.

The 'Walpurgis Guard' - a sword form that shows women fighting men, taken from the medieval sword and buckler manuscript  I.33 (circa-1250) held in the library of the Royal Armouries.

Our website is regularly updated so please revisit for new photos and info...
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